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This amazing woman is doing the thing she was made to do.
My husband and I always joke that we could not have gone through birth without Ivette. She was our rock. My husband was having heart issues and we live far away from family and she stepped in and met our needs. She went beyond meeting our needs! During birth, she was encouraging, empowering. She listened and paid close attention. She made me laugh and made me feel like I was doing an amazing job. I can't begin to express how thankful I am for Ivette. After I gave birth (at home, completely unmedicated), she was checking in with me. I got sick and she came and snuggled my baby and I. This amazing woman is doing the thing she was made to do. Both my husband and I highly, highly recommend well as thank the Lord for her! 

Caley Beutler
"My daughter had a 100% unmedicated natural childbirth with no side effects thanks to you"

November 3, 2014


Thank You Letter to My Daughter’s Doula:


Dearest Ivette,


Prior to the birth of my grandson on August 2013 I had never heard of the term “Doula” before. Ashlie told me to call you, but I never took the time thinking I’ve had three children; I can help my daughter deliver her baby myself… right? Oh, how wrong I was! We never expected the 48-hour labor & the ordeal that ensued after! We had so many questions at the Hospital & the whole time we were told everything was “procedure” yet my daughter & I knew something was not right. Towards the end my daughter needed an emergency C-section & I couldn’t help wondering if we had hired you maybe the traumatic experience could have been avoided.


On September 2014 my youngest daughter was preparing to have her first born & when I realized I had not contacted you I panicked. This is where one phone call to you changed our lives forever!


From the moment of the first meeting, you taught us so much; I had no idea I could make a baby wrap myself or that an exercise ball could help my daughter prepare for her delivery or any of the many tips you gave us. Your knowledge & assurance put us both at ease & we immediately knew we would not do this without you.


I knew you were worth your weight in gold when towards the delivery date my daughter seemed so calm about everything & when I would try to remind her of what to do she would say, I already talked to Ivette (happy face here).

When the big day arrived, only you would leave a family party so you could be with my daughter at her time of labor. I don’t know how to explain it, but just your presence changed the pain & waiting hours into a peace & a confirmation that everything was going to be OK! The way you reassured mom, dad, sister & grandma was nothing short of an angel being with us!


Then came the hospital where you took over like the pro you are & even the nurses commented how glad they were every time you showed up for a birth because of the Peace, Calm, Beauty, Sweetness, Quietness & Joy that surrounds the room when you are helping a mommy bring a baby into this world! I will never forget how you empowered my daughter as you gave her strength to go on & how the sweet scent of the room brought harmony into all of us.


My daughter had a 100% unmedicated natural childbirth with no side effects thanks to you & little Alessandra Rose was born a healthy & a beautiful baby!  The assisting nurse called my daughter a “Rock Star” & the amazing way my daughter’s body came back like nothing had ever happened was nothing short of a miracle!


There are really no words to express our gratitude to you Ivette! I hope & pray that many more moms seek your assistance, as this was truly one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been a part of.  Thank you so much for being in our lives! Wishing you success always.


Eternally grateful to you,


Alejandra & Family 

I left the hospital feeling
like I could do ANYTHING

Having Ivette as my doula was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She was an amazing support system and friend throughout my pregnancy. After having a very traumatic first birth experience, I went into my second labor feeing reassured, safe, and excited. When I felt like I was losing my way, she guided me back into the right frame of mind. She knew the facts about hospital procedures and helped me come to informed decisions. She worked amazingly with my partner and helped form an amazing birth team around me, without taking away from my partner's role (which I know is a big fear for many in regards to hiring a doula). Fear no more! That is not what a doula is about. She was an amazing coach to the BOTH of us. She called me her birth warrior, and because of her I really felt like one. I gave birth without a doula to my first baby, and while I was and am grateful for a healthy first born baby, I left the hospital feeling confused with a sense of sadness in regards to my birth experience. I was deathly afraid of the birthing process after that. Having Ivette for my second birth experience, I left the hospital feeling empowered, STRONG, like i could do ANYTHING. I now LOVE the birthing process and would go as far as to say I would love to do it over and over again! My trauma from my first birthing experience was lifted away. I am forever grateful for her friendship and guidance.

Sasha Barrientos

To any pregnant woman, or woman who hopes to become pregnant soon:..              

Hello, My name is Katie Lopez, and I recently gave birth to my second child with the help of a wonderful couch and friend, Ivette Carter.

            Ivette is amazing! It was a night & day difference having her present at my second delivery. I wish I knew her and had her present for my first child's delivery. She knew exactly what to say, and how to say it, how to help me breath through each contraction. She brought small snacks, and drinks to help energize me through the day. She brought incense for the room to relax me. She even helped my husband know what I needed and why (a cold wash cloth for my face, how to apply pressure to my lower back during a contraction, etc…). She didn’t seem to be surprised at anything. I became very hot & cold back and forth quickly as I came close to transition, and she understood, and kept wrapping me with blankets or unwrapping me. All the while encouraging me that this was normal, and I’m doing great! When I wanted to give up, or hold my breath from the pain, she encouraged me to keep breathing, even through the tears. She steadied me, and gave me courage to take one contraction at a time.

            She worked beautifully with the doctors & nurses through the entire process. In fact, one of the doctors complimented her on how well she was working with them.

Also, prior to, and after delivery, she was and still is available for me. I’ve called her and text her with numerous questions, and she is always quick to call or text back with knowledgeable answers.

            In addition, she also took many pictures (she asked ahead of time of course for permission), and sent me a disc after the delivery with all the pictures.

I highly recommend Ivette Carter as a doula to first time moms especially, but even if this is your second or subsequent birth, she will help you more than you know!

Katie Lopez

"All you need to pack 
in your hospital bag is Ivette Carter." 
I am beyond appreciative/lucky that I had Ivette Carter as my doula. I know I've got her to thank for such a positive, successful and memorable labor and delivery. Being a first time mom, I really had no idea what to expect, and looking back, I am so glad I went with my motherly instinct to go with her. She was supportive in the way that my mother couldn't be. She helped me reach my goal of a non-medicated childbirth. I didn't even have an IV. There was no way that I would've been able to go au natural without her. Even through all the research that I enjoy doing, there is nothing you can read or watch or acquire that can replace what she has to offer. She's just magical with her doula bag and all her tips and tricks and her insight and wisdom. She is an absolute natural. This is truly her calling! I want to yell from rooftops and mountains to other expectant mothers informing them about her. My best friend was in the delivery room and since witnessing my birth, already wants Ivette as her doula. Ivette helped me stay in the moment, get through every single contraction, show my boyfriend how to relieve my back labor and most importantly, brought my son into this world the way that I wanted, without drugs or interventions. She helped me stay focused and reach my personal goals. Her presence was priceless, totally worth the expense. I truly feel like God had answered my prayers in the form of Ivette.

Gen Biggs

When I felt as though I couldn't go on

 she got me to focus and she encouraged me to keep going." 

I have known Ivette for some time because she is one of my clients at work.  When she discovered I was pregnant we started talking about what kind of birthing experience I wanted.  This was my second pregnancy and what I did know for sure is I wanted a different experience than I had with my first.  With my first child I was induced and ended up with an epidural.  My husband and I had no clue what we were doing.  We had taken a Lamaze class, however it really didn’t prepare me for what was in store. 
With this second birth I knew I didn’t want an epidural.  I wanted to experience childbirth natural.  Everyone I knew said “Yeah, yeah you say that now!  You will end up with an epidural”. I thought where is the faith!  Ivette was there for me from the beginning.  We spoke all the time about what my husband and I wanted in our experience.  The one thing that I noticed the most about Ivette was her passion for being a doula.  One conversation with her and you know that she genuinely wants to be there for you and make your birthing experience the best that it can be. 
In the end our son was being stubborn and didn't feel like coming out on his own.  I was 9 days late and I made the decision to be induced.  This was something that I really didn’t want but in the end it worked out.  The nurse started me on the pitocin  at 10 am.  I didn’t really start active labor until about noon and our son was born at 4:18 PM.  I had our son %100 natural with no pain meds.  I was able to achieve this because Ivette was there for me as my coach as well as my mom and husband.  They all worked together to get me through it.  When I needed to break down and cry Ivette made it okay to do so.  When I needed to scream out Ivette didn’t make me feel bad or tell me to sush.  She was there for me and made me believe in my abilities as a woman and as a mother. 
Having a natural birth was such a different experience that with pain meds.  I can without a doubt say that it was worth every contraction, every moan, every scream and every tear.  As a woman it gives you a confidence that you have never had before.  Ivette, I thank you for giving me this wonderful life changing experience.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I am so grateful for you! 
-Andrea Lanyon
I met Ivette when I was about 36 weeks.... I had not planned on having a doula, after all, this was our third baby and I had never had a doula before. After spending the afternoon with Ivette I knew she HAD to be at our birth. She was so kind, understanding, so knowledgable. I wanted to hire her immediately, but it was important to her that my husband meet her as well, and feel comfortable too.

We arranged an appointment at our home and she came and spent several hours with us, meeting our children, showing us everything in her "magic doula bag." She explained what each thing was for, and how she or my husband could use her tricks and tools to make our birth better. She patiently answered our many many questions. She stressed the fact that she didn't want to take the place of my husbands role, but to assist him in meeting my needs better. She wanted to hear about each of my previous births. She wanted to know what we wanted at our birth, what we didn't want, etc... She was so supportive of anything we wanted, there was no judgement on anything we wanted, or didn't want.

Ivette has a wonderful personality, and is so easy to talk to! She was "on call" for us in every way. Our baby was posterior and she was so helpful in trying to turn her! I also had quite a bit of prodromal labor so it was helpful to keep my belly binded/wraped. Ivette offered to come to our home each morning and help me wrap it if I wanted.

At 39 weeks my midwife let me know that due to un-forseen circumstances, she would be out of town at my birth, I would have a back up that I had never met before. It would have been incredibly rattling, but knowing that Ivette was going to be there gave me incredible peace of mind.

4:30 a.m. May 18th....The first "real" contraction hit and it hit hard, 3 minutes later there was the next one. This was the real deal! I woke up hubby and told him to call Ivette, I think that was the only thing I really cared about! The Mr. was afraid he was going to be delivering this baby alone. The contractions were right on top of each other and very intense. I knew as soon as Ivette came through my front door, then, I could have this baby... I didn't care who else made it, she was here, and we were doing this!

Ivette was a huge source of strength to my husband and myself. She was a very calm presence, very intuitive, always knowing what I seemed to need, and when to leave me be. When I thought I could no longer go on, Ivette was right there telling me firmly and calmly that I could do this, I remember her praying with me several times, and I appreciated that so very much.

Shortly after my sweet girl was born, my 3 and 5 year old, woke up, I had had some complications and I remember being terribly dissapointed that I was not able to introduce them to their new sister myself. It gave me great comfort knowing Ivette was holding my precious baby on the couch, and sitting with the 2 older kids while they got to ooh and ahh over their newest blessing. She made sure to capture those precious moments on film and I am so grateful.

Ivette didn't stop there......The next day she brought all of us lunch and many times after that called or came over to check on me. She was always available for any questions we had. She was a huge encouragement on those sleepless days when I was getting discouraged, having nursing difficulty, and in great physical pain. She even did a grocery run for us with a few things we needed!

4 days after the birth I ended up having some trouble and we needed to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Most of our family is out of state and we desperately needed help. We called Ivette and she came immediately. I don't know what we would have done without that third person that husband was pushing me in the wheel chair and caring for me and Ivette cared for the baby. Her service to us was invaluable.

To this day Ivette still keeps in touch. We have adopted her as part of the family. If we ever have more children, I'm not sure where I would choose to have them, or who I would choose as my provider...but one thing is for certain. No Ivette, no baby!

Crystal Bauman

"Ivette was right by our side the whole way"

When my husband and I first spoke with Ivette we weren’t positive about having a doula there for our son’s birth.  I felt that it should be an experience that only my husband and I should share and was hesitant to let anyone else in.  As our delivery day came closer though, my husband said he felt more comfortable having her and all of her knowledge there, and boy was he right.  What a blessing it was to have her; we were completely clueless!  We had heard so many horror stories (you only hear the bad ones!) about giving birth we decided we needed to have all the knowledge and help we could get.

Since we waited so long to decide on having a doula or not, she had to give us a crash course on the whole birthing process and help us come up with a birth plan.  We were going to go over some relaxation and breathing techniques but my water broke before our next meeting, two weeks before my official due date.  Not even sure if my water really broke, I called her that morning and she came over to our house ASAP to help us finalize some things, get organized and prepare for our trip to the hospital (I had just packed my bag the night before!)  Having no contractions, we waited as long as we could before leaving for the hospital but the anticipation got to us and we soon left.  At the hospital, I finally started having mild contractions but was only dilated to a one.  We had a long road ahead of us.  Luckily, we had Ivette at our side!  It was wonderful having her there to consult with for every decision.  When the doctor came in and said my water hadn’t completely broken yet, instead of having them break my water she put me on a birthing ball and had me roll around until it finally broke naturally.  She used lavender and massage oils to help me stay calm.  She made me get up and walk around, a lot, which helped with the pain.  She used a rebozo wrap to relieve some of the pressure and showed my husband massage techniques to ease the pain – she even massaged his back while he massaged mine!  One of the most important things she did was she keep my spirits up every time they checked my progress, which was crawling very slowly.  After over 30 hours of labor, no sleep and still not even past the transition phase, I looked at her and said I didn’t think I could take anymore.  We decided to try an analgesic.  She dimmed the lights, turned off the radio and told me to sleep.  She knew I needed to rest and relax.  That did the trick.  By the time it wore off I had finally dilated significantly and soon after was ready to push.  She braced one leg while my best friend had the other and my husband held my hand and cheered me on.  After 36 hours, our son was born.

Ivette was right by our side the whole way.  Every decision we made she was there to consult and help decide what would be best for me and the baby.  We really had an amazing team between her, our doctor and our nurse (our labor was so long we ended up starting and ending with the same nurse!)  My labor didn’t go as planned, but we went in knowing it wasn’t going to go as planned and I think that is why everything went so well.  Ivette had told us this prior to our labor and told us to stay flexible, which is why our team got along so agreeably.  Ivette kept us calm and informed.  I wanted to have as natural birth as possible and I feel that we achieved it.  She has been a blessing even after our birth, stopping by to make sure we are doing ok, letting me know it was ok to have the “baby blues” and she’s always there whenever I have a question or concern.  I know that our labor wouldn’t have been as great as it was without Ivette and we are forever grateful for her kind help and care.

Jamie Endres
VBAC Sucess!!

Hello, my name is Christina and I recently gave birth via VBAC with the fabulous Ivette Carter by my side. She was recommended to me by a dear friend, so I gave her a call when I was around 10-11wks. Even from the first phone conversation, I knew she was the one I needed by my side.

 Her passion, knowledge, and experience with hospital VBACs really gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed to pursue my VBAC. It felt as if she was right by my side all throughout my pregnancy. With all of the “scares” that we encountered, she really kept me focused and grounded. She was always available 24/7 with any questions or concerns. Even though I appeared to be confident about my VBAC, deep down I was terrified of the unknown. Ivette reminded me over and over that I just need to trust my body. And I did!

 On October 15, 2013, at midnight, I go into labor. Not knowing if it was the real thing or not, I call Ivette and tell her everything that was going on. Then BOOM, my water breaks while still on the phone with her! She coaches me through the contractions over the phone up until I tell her it’s time for her to come over. I labored at home with her by my side for approx. 4 hours. She gave me the space that I needed when I requested it, and helped me with massage and encouragement. There came a point where I could feel my contractions really picking up intensity and the thought of riding in the car scared me. She never once questioned my judgment but was very supportive. We arrive at the hospital and I’m at 4-5cm! There was a bit of time that the hospital staff separated us and I really regret not being pushy in making them allow her back. Without her, I lost my focus and the hospital staff really jumped on me for being a “trial of labor”. I stood my ground a declined a repeat cesarean. Once I was admitted and placed in a room, Ivette came back in. She never once questioned me when I requested an epidural, even though in my “wish list” I had said no pain meds. I ended up with a very light epidural and Ivette was right by my side coaching me through every contraction.  I started pushing through my contractions at around 8cm and that’s when my focus really started to waiver, but she kept me grounded. At around noon, 10cm! 2hrs of pushing and 14hrs total labor, I DID IT!

 Even now, a few months after the birth, she is still there for me. Post-partum questions, breastfeeding info, you name it!  Even though we “hired” her as a doula and birth photographer to be there during the pregnancy and delivery, she has now become a part of our family.  It was the most empowering moment of my life, something in which I thought I could never achieve after being told “once a cesarean, always a cesarean”.  Ivette played such a huge role in that empowering moment, that it will be something my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Having Ivette Carter as our birth doula for our first son was the best investment my husband and I have ever made.
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Having Ivette Carter as our birth doula for our first son was the best investment my husband and I have ever made.  First her fee was extremely reasonable and we shopped all over the Inland Empire and Orange County for doulas.  She was especially reasonably priced considering the number of phone calls, visits, and amount of time she spent with my husband, baby, and I.  

Ivette always picks up the phone any time day or night and never ever limits your time.  She only aims to make sure that you and your baby are safe, comfortable, and secure no matter how much time is required of her.  She helped us put together our "Birth Wish List" to fit our needs and always sought to support us in following through on our birthing wishes under all of the circumstances.  My husband proudly announces to everyone we tell our birth story to that, "our doula was so helpful and knowledgeable during our birth that I (he) felt confident and relieved that she was there every step of the way." Ivette was my rock and coach and my husband was my moral support throughout my 12 hour labor which came with it's surprises along the way.  Ivette remained the rock for us to make quick decisions, follow through on our "Birth Wish List," and enjoy our birthing experience no matter what challenge we faced. 

Our son had some birth weight complications so my husband and I had to make some difficult decisions in the matter of a few hours to ensure he was safe and Ivette was there for us by giving us our options within our birth plan, seeking out other doulas and resources within the birth doula world, and praying for us every single step of the way.  She had faith that we would make the right decision together.  

Ivette is like family to us now.  We didn't realize how much we would need her support during labor and couldn't have done it without her.  She also took beautiful pictures of our birth story too.

Natalee Biniasz

Thank God for Doulas, specially ours. Thank you Ivette! We <3 you!
I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards Ivette for the amazing support she gave us through our journey in welcoming our angel into this world. Originally, we had hired Kim as our Doula but she was going to be on vacation the week prior to my due date and asked me if it was ok to have Ivette as a back up.  I agreed with the condition of meeting Ivette before Kim left on vacation. From the moment we met Ivette, we loved her, she oozed a positive energy that made us feel so comfortable. My husband and I were so excited because we knew both Doulas were excellent and knew in my heart that they would be our support system this day.  As predicted by my friends, baby decided to come a week early.  From the moment my water broke , I called Ivette and she advised me on how to proceed. I trusted her with all my heart and went with plan accordingly.   When it was time to go to the hospital I called her and she met us there. She had all her gadgets, oils and radiant energy that provided comfort from moment she walked into our room.  She helped me with breathing techniques, massage me, played soft music in background and kept me educated on options I had when decisions needed to be made.  She not only provided me with comfort but also gave my husband the reassurance he needed when he felt helpless.  Ivette and my husband were my rock through my long labor (30 hrs) when I wanted to give up.  She  never left  my sight.  I was close to getting a c-section but with her techniques and prayer , a vaginal delivery was made possible. She was more than a Doula that day, she was family.  She also took somne amazing pictures of the whole experience.  I am so greatful for these as  it helps us relive this  amazing experience.   We are so greatful for having Ivette as our Doula and couldnt think of a better person.  Thank God for Doulas, specially ours. Thank you Ivette! We <3 you! 
Lisa S.