Young Mothers
you are not alone!
What is your plan?
What do you want?
How will you do it?

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A big piece of my heart is for young mothers... As I was once was one.  I was 17 1/2 and only married for one month when I got the news that I was expecting.  I was really just a child myself and had no idea what was ahead for me.  I didn't know I had options on what and how I wanted my birth to go.  I didn't know that I could say no to something that in the pit of my stomach I knew I didn't want.

I was married but as young as I was my ex-husband was just as young and didn't really even know the slightest way to help me.  He was so young that he didn't understand the importance of even
being by my side during labor.  Thank goodness for my mom.  She was a woman who had been where I was headed.  She never left my side and helped me navigate my way, but like me she didn't know I had choices.  YES YOU HAVE CHOICES!!!  I'm here to help you understand that.  You and I together will go over how you see and want your birth to be.  We will devise a wish list of all your hearts desires and then we will plan with those that will be by your side to get as close as possible to what you desire. 

Be educated... READ... ASK QUESTIONS...TAKE CLASSES...RESEARCH...and Hire me as your doula and I will be by your side to help you through all of this. 

I have been where you are and I have a desire to help you have the best memory of your child's birth! I beleive that how you feel about your birth frames the way you feel about your mothering.